Notes on Iceland – Come Sail Away

Notes on Iceland

what is the price of stromectol Heróica Zitácuaro I arrived at Reykjavik the capital of Iceland with my family on August 4th, 2015. Iceland has a population of 348,580 on an area of 103,000 km2. It is a least populated country. Even big cities outside the capital only have 200 up to 2000 people. Life in Iceland is tough. Weather is not good. Summer is even cold. It was 6 to 15 degrees. However, Icelandic people live longer because they have excellent food chain.

old gay men tube unmitigatedly We drove around the country. It was an amazing place to visit. There were thermal baths everywhere. Some of them were right by the ocean. In all the tubs we only met 2 people except at Landmannalaugar. Where we saw more tourists.

Leutkirch im Allgäu rubbellose austricksen There was a range of hostels and hotels. Most no star to 3 stars. They were all clean. All showers in the hotel rooms were connected to the thermal tubs. No wonder it is a healthy country to be in.

Elda ivermectin dosage for birds Codfish liver oil was put out for breakfast at every hotel. It was Ok when I first tasted it in Husafell. Then the 2nd time at Isafjord I nearly threw up. It was supposed to be good for your health. I guess I would only have once in my life.

Iceland has many glaciers including the world’s largest one. 8100 square km glacier inside the Vatnajokull National Park. The big icebergs floating on the ocean and on the shore were amazing to see.

Iceland has over 100 volcanoes. Latest eruption was in 2010 at Eyjafjallajo kull.

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